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In this strange experience of the lockdown, we invite you to join us in recalling one of the special events in the life of Honeyridge - the Living Nativity. Many of you will fondly remember the wonder of experiencing the Christmas story depicted in live reenactment as you walked from the announcement of the prophet to the mystery of the empty tomb. Or maybe you were one of the cast or support team that ministered to several thousand people in our community.  

In the 2018 Living Nativity we ended the tour with a Virtual Cathedral in the main sanctuary. A giant screen with various carols, songs and slides recapping the story of the tour to draw us to worship God. Maybe you had time to linger there for the hour of the program, but maybe you had to move on due to time pressures.  

Well, in lockdown, the one thing we have more of is time! So, we present the whole Virtual Cathedral 2018 program for you to watch again and enjoy, whilst looking forward to such fellowship at Honeyridge again in our Lord's perfect time and grace.   It may not be Christmas, but the story of Jesus from birth to His return told in song will inspire you to worship Him afresh.