"The most important task of the church is to be the visible witness of the invisible Kingdom." ~ John Calvin


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Divorce Care

DivorceCare is a biblical divorce recovery process for adults, which aims to provide scriptural “Help, Hope and Healing” for adults (male and female), who have been damaged by the pain of separation and divorce.

Interested? Contact Chris Groome for more info.


Divorce Care for Kids

DC4K is a programme ministering to kids between the ages of 6-12 who have experienced either the separation or divorce of their parents. These kids can be frozen in their grief, frantic in their anger, consumed by sadness, and confused by adult decisions they don’t want.

Interested? Contact Libby de Klerk for more info.

Prison & Bibleway Ministries

Bibleway seeks to reach and teach prisoners the truths of the Bible and thus lead them to a commitment and relationship with Jesus Christ. They do this by conducting a correspondence Bible Study Course with them, which comprises a course presented over ten books. Contact Cynthia McNaughton for more info.

The Bibleway course content is undertaken with the prisoners at Leeukop prison by Lindley Worthington and his team of men, who travel through to the prison once per week.

Broken Wings Ministry

The Broken Wings shelter in Lenasia caters for 30 people who are a mixture of homeless, destitute, alcoholics and drug addicts. The aim is to:

Reconcile them to God.

Reunite them with their families.

Return them as fully functioning members of society.

Contact Norman Voss for more information.

Soup Kitchen
Mission to the Unemployed in Zandspruit

The Soup Kitchen ministry has served their soup faithfully every Saturday morning from the Caltex Garage on the corner of Beyers Naude and Peter Rd, where many of the piece-workers congregate looking for work, and Pastor Elias is able to share the gospel with those to whom they minister.

Contact Tiny Clemo
Car Guard Packs
Mission to the Car Guards

Car Guard packs containing literature in various African languages are on sale on the first Sunday of every month to the congregation for R10/pack, who are encouraged to buy packs for distrubution to their local car guards. The pack usually contains some Gospel literature, and/or the Gospel of John, as well as some nutritious snacks.

Contact Priscilla Grobler
Kingsway Christian School

Kingsway is a Christian School which aims to meet the needs of and provide life-enriching opportunities for socio-economically disadvantaged children who would previously have had limited options for bettering their lives, while maintaining a culture of Christian values and encouraging the development of these values in their student's attitudes and behaviour

Contact Kim Maritz
Thandanani House of Refuge

Thandanani was established to give hope to abandoned, abused, orphaned and neglected children. The children are encouraged to reach their God-given potential, developing them into stable, God-fearing and caring adults. They are afforded the opportunity to enjoy a balanced life - spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Contact Paul McKibbin
Grief Share

GriefShare works with small groups of folk who have lost a spouse, a child, a sister or a parent, and those who want to learn how to respond to other family members. GriefShare offers resources to help you recover from your loss and look forward to rebuilding your life.

Contact Harold Twine
Helping Hand

Helping Hand supplies very basic groceries to the poorest of the poor families within our community. Boxes of food are bought and packed every month and supplied to a needy School on our premises, other needy local communities as well as to two inner city churches.

Contact Peter van der Hoven